Help me to write my essay on food from cold war

To write my essay on this we need to understand what is the importance of food. Along with weapons to fight there is a requirement of food for the strength to fight. It was a really tough time for the soldiers. Fighting the whole day and if alive, cook for further survival. Civil War soldiers never had the luxury of standing in a mess line waiting for army cooks to prepare a meal and serve it to them. The soldiers here on the war were provided with raw, uncooked food.

The generals and other officers had the luxury of a cook, but the vast majority of soldiers gathered in small groups each evening to prepare their food. They called these groups “messes” and referred to others in the group as messmates. These messmates had a duty of watching the cooking meals in turns. It would be appropriate to say ‘ without food no wars, only starving people.’

The Civil War food supplied to the soldiers was plain and monotonous. Because the rations had to be transported long distances and due to this they mostly used preserved food to avoid wastage. Soldiers mainly depended on cracker biscuits and hardtack. Hardtack is basically bread about three inches long and half an inch thick but they are very hard. They even got salt pork. The salt pork that was given to the soldiers during the war was a stinky kind of blue extra salty meat, with hair, skin, dirt, and other junk left on it. It was however, their main supply of protein. Sometimes they even were provided with salted pork. Civil War soldiers were also given rice, potatoes, onions, molasses, and other non-perishable or slow to perish items, but hardtack (or cornmeal) and salt meat were favored because they were both easy to ship and easy to carry on a march or into battle.

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