Help me to write my essay on “Happiness is not in the experiences, it’s in the memories.”

To write my essay on this, I need to know what happiness really means. Happiness is a mental state of well-being characterized by positive emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Happiness is a very fuzzy concept and can mean many things to many people. It may be full of love, enjoyment and emotions.

Most of the people consider happiness a right, and we are eager for it, as the advertising world shows. We do everything in our power to possess happiness, most particularly in materialistic form. But we know its a human nature to desire for more and more. In desire to get more we forget that what all we already have, that would really make us happy. Instead of looking and enjoying the moment we keep on a rush to find more happiness. Sometimes we even keep finding our happiness in monetary things. In the mad rush to collect more money we even forget to enjoy life and the precious moments with our loved ones. When these precious time passes and are gone, we have only the memories both good and bad. We feel happy to recall our sweet memories or regret for the times which we could have done better.

Its true that no one can have all good or all bad, its in our hand how we deal with them, with intolerant and frustrations or with all our own pleasure. If we continue to grasp and enjoy all the beautiful moments of our life, we surely will be full of loving memories.

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