Help me to write my essay on Korean War

To write my essay on the Korean War, I will start by giving a very short description on Korea. As everyone knows, Korea is divided into North Korea and South Korea. A lot of people are very familiar with South Korea because of its culture but people don’t really know much about the Korean War.

An important thing that I should discuss when I write my essay about the Korean War is why there was even a war to begin with. Wars don’t just happen for no reason. From there, I can talk about the chronology of events that took place during the Korean War. I should mention the highlights and give focus on those when talking about the events since the Korean War spans over a lengthy period of time.

Something that I should also talk about when I write my essay is the countries involved in the war. Many parliamentary and democratic countries in the United Nations backed South Korea while the communist countries supported North Korea. I should also add the roles of these countries and who were they key players in this.

One of the last things that I can go into detail when I write my essay is the aftermath of the Korean War. The main event being the division of Korea. I can also present statistics on the casualties caused by the war. I can also talk about present day Korea and how the two Koreas are now divided. Then I can go into any plans or news on the unification of the two and what Koreans feel about this.

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