Help me to write my essay on the methods used in microbiology

Writing my essay about the methods used in microbiology requires a clear definition of terms and a thorough discussion about each method. To write my essay in a more interesting way, providing examples is a must.

I would start to write my essay with an overview of the topic. A definition of microbiology is a good way to begin. It would be interesting to make the terms much simpler. I would want to write in a way that anyone who may read the piece, even someone who lacks the background, can understand.

After defining microbiology and translating it to layman’s terms, I will proceed with my essay writing by enumerating the different methods involved. These methods should be carefully compared with each other without discounting the fact that these methods cannot work separately or independently from each other.

To proceed, I would like to compare a microbiologist to a crime scene investigator. This strategy, I think, will not only make it much less boring than writing my essay in a matter fact tone. It will also help my aim to write my essay about microbiology in a simple way which will make it much more understandable.

A crime scene investigator finds himself in the scene of a crime just like a microbiologist is presented with a specimen. The goal of the investigator is to find the killer and just like working with a puzzle, he needs to find a way to piece all the evidences together. In a similar way, a microbiologist uses different methods to make sense out of the specimen. I can continue with this and close the essay by relating the different methods of microbiology in the scenario.

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