Help me to write my essay on naturalism

When I write my essay, I must first begin with identifying which definition of naturalism am I going for. There are many ways to define naturalism. It can be referred to the arts, the environment and philosophy. For this essay, I am going to use the philosophical definition of the word. I should remember that I am not writing a philosophical paper but rather a paper describing one area of philosophy.

When I write my essay, I begin with the definition of naturalism. According to philosopher Paul Draper, naturalism is “the hypothesis that the natural world is a closed system” and “nothing that is not a part of the natural world affects it.” Put simply, naturalism denies the existence of supernatural causes or anything that is supernatural. It asserts that only natural laws and forces exist in this world.

When I write my essay, I should give a brief history of how naturalism came about. The ideas of naturalism were first evident during the time of Thales. It was further developed during Renaissance period with scientist Galileo Galilei being one of the naturalist philosophers. During the Enlightenment period, philosophers such as Francis Bacon and Voltaire also advocated naturalist philosophy.

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When I write my essay, I should emphasize on the main thoughts and assertions of naturalism. This will make it easier for my readers to grasp and understand the concept of naturalism. There are different kinds of naturalism. The first is explanatory naturalism which says that science must steer away from non-natural explanations. Methodological naturalism asserts that if science cannot be used to explain what it cannot see, it doesn’t rule out disciplines which make use of non-natural explanations. Ontological naturalism states that all that exists is natural.

Some of the known modern naturalist philosophers are Robert T. Pennock, Alvin Plantiga, W.V. Quine and Karl Popper.

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