Help me to write my essay on the difficulties International students face

To write my essay on this, I would like to specify the term International students. They are the students who go abroad to other countries to get their further education. The reason behind going to other country is to get better education which is either not available in their country or can be there is a better way of education in other places.

It is really a tough decision to stay away from your country, your people and family. In such cases students need to go to a new place and adjust in a new environment, among new people. Most of new comers feel a little bit hard to make new friends here. Some international students only hang out with people from their home countries. There is a difference in the language, food and the way of living too. Along with language and culture barriers, shyness is another factor that hinders international students to more actively participate in the activity. Before the International students can grab better education, they need ti settle down with these differences.

The best way to face such difficulty is to be friendly with other students, who might be from other countries too. Try adapting to the new culture while retaining your own identity. Extremes of completely giving up one’s own culture or refusing to accept anything about the new culture and clinging fearfully to old ways are both unhealthy.

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