Help me to write my essay on waste treatment for my ecology class

When I write my essay on waste treatment, I should explain the meaning of the term. Waste treatment refers to the actions taken to ensure that waste will have minimal effect on the environment. Waste treatment reduces or eliminates its potential to harm living creatures and the environment. For example, pollutants are removed from industrial or municipal wastes before they are disposed of.

For consistency when I write my essay, I will mention the types of waste treatment. There are three kinds of waste treatment namely solid waste treatment, wastewater treatment and radioactive waste treatment.

There are many different methods in sold waste treatment. These are composting, incineration, landfills and recycling. Compost is organic matter that has decomposed and used as fertilizer. The process of composting involves piling waste outdoors and letting it decompose on its own. Compost is usually used in gardens, landscaping and agriculture. Incineration involves the burning of waste materials. It is faster than composting but is more harmful to the environment because of the fumes that it may emit in the process. A landfill is a site where waste materials are buried. It is the most common method of waste treatment around the world. The only present problem of landfills is that spaces for them are getting smaller and smaller. This is a concern since the global population is rapidly increasing. Recycling is utilizing used materials into new products to prevent waste. Some of its advantages are that it helps to reduce consumption of raw materials and energy usage.

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For wastewater treatment, one of the most popular methods is distillation. There are many methods but I will focus on one or two and emphasize those instead when I write my essay. In distillation, mixtures are separated based on their differing boiling points. It is often mistaken for a chemical reaction but in reality, it is a physical separation process.

Radioactive waste treatment is the treatment and storing of radioactive waste. Containment of radioactive waste should be done carefully and properly or else it will cause a leak. Radioactive leaks (and anything radioactive for that matter) has known harmful side effects when absorbed by lving creatures.

In case my readers will wonder about the importance of waste treatment, I will also discuss that when I write my essay. Waste treatment is important because it helps keep the environment safe from harmful toxins. It also prevents us and other living creatures from getting sick. For example, untreated water can lead to many diseases and health problems.

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