Help me to write my essay on whether parents should give their kids more money

When I write my essay on why parents should or should not give their children more money, I begin by listing down my arguments on both sides (positive and negative). I should take the time to think about this. It would help if I put myself in the position of the children I am referring to in my essay. I can also put myself in a parent’s point of view.

When I write my essay, I should ask questions which can help build arguments later on. I can classify them as points for affirmative or negative as I progress through the writing process. I can ask a lot of questions for this essay. Why should parents give children more money to begin with? Why should children be given a specific amount for allowance? Is there an alternative to more money if children ask for it?

When I write my essay, I begin by describing the nature of giving children money to begin with. I can briefly discuss why children receive an allowance to begin with. For starters, children need even a small amount of money, just in case something happens and they need it. For older children and teenagers, anything can happen between the travel time between school and home so it is good to have a little extra money for emergency.

When I write my essay, I should keep my arguments for one side clear so I will not confuse my readers. Parents can give their children a higher allowance as a reward. For example, getting high marks on a test or finishing chores early can merit a raise or a bonus in their weekly allowance. On the other hand, parents shouldn’t give their children more money because it will only be motivation for children to do chores but only for a reward in exchange. Giving children more money teaches them how to manage their money but it could also have a negative effect.

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