Help me to write my history essay on ‘ rail road and revolution’

Rail road has played an important part in the Industrial Revolution. Period from the 18th to the 19th century brought important changes in the field of agriculture, manufacturing, mining, transportation, and technology. Rail road even changed the social- economic condition of the society. The rail revolution allowed people and products to be transported to and fro faster than ever before.

The impact of the railways was great. Industry benefited as goods could now be transported faster and in even greater quantities than before, reducing costs and creating bigger markets. The goods which used to take days for transportation was now delivered in shorter span of time. The construction of the railway network also fueled demand for coal and steel. Ordinary people saw the benefits too. They could now get around the country much quicker and for the first time holidays out of the city were a possibility. Communications in general improved as well. Newspapers could now be sent from London and Manchester, where most of the national dailies are printed, to towns across the country, the postage system became much quicker and movement of workers became a more realistic prospect. One of the most noticeable consequences of the growth of the Railways was the rapid development of a number of towns. Crewe and Peterborough are both examples of towns that grew quickly due to their location on the railway network.

Due to better transport, there were more profits made in production. Huge profits were made, this gave a chance of getting better wages and thus improvement in the social development and decrease in poverty and starvation.

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