help me to write review of historical movie

Plans of writing a review on a certain historical movie? When I tried writing a review for the first time, it was quite frustrating because it is hard to organize ideas and put it in an essay. In fact, writing a historical movie review requires a different approach from writing a movie review set in present times. However, it is really helpful for me to read several written historical movie reviews first before I do my essay. One thing I pointed out when I write my essay for me to have a historical movie review is to present how the filmmaker presented the era where the movie was set, including a little background information about the era presented on the movie. I have gathered some simple tips that I utilized back when I write my essay about historical movie reviews.

• Read some reviews of historical movies before writing your own. There is plenty of reviews online that you can read on. When I do my writing, I usually read ten reviews and highlighted several points for me to have a basis on how to write my essay on historical movie review effectively.
• Rate every review you read from one to ten based on how well the review has presented the elements of the movie. Rate a high score if the movie has presented all the historical elements that the movie should have. Rate a low score if the film lacks elements.
• Start writing your review by stating the time period and the place where the movie was set. With about one to two pieces of information about the setting of the historical film, make a transition into talking about the movie, such as saying how the director works on the film or why they chose the certain era for the setting of the movie.
• Talk about the characters and the plot of the story not just the effectiveness of their portrayal but also how well they present the era. For instance, I focused on how the actors play their dialogue when I write my essay for me because dialogues in period movies are filled with old words and expressions that may interfere the quality of acting of the characters.
• Lastly, talk about the setting and the realism of the historical movie. Did the movie seem to take you on the real setting during the 16th century? Were their costuming looks almost true?

These are just some of the points that I ponder when I write my essay about historical movie reviews. You may apply these tips when doing your own review. Enjoy!

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