Help me with 1984 essay prompts

I remember the time I need to write an essay in connection with the prompt. In fact, it was difficult at first but when I read the novel numerous times and understand what it is all about, I can able to answer whatever prompts they give.

1984 Essay Prompts

1984 is full of ideas and images that doesn’t affect the plot directly. What are motifs and symbols that can be found in the book and how Orwell use it?

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Some of the essential motifs and symbols in 1984 include St. Clement Church picture, Winstons’ paperweight and others. These motifs and symbols represent an attempt to undermine or escape oppressive rule of Party. The St. Clement’s Church picture is a double symbol and symbolizes a stolen past. For parties, it symbolizes betrayal of humanity and complete power. The St. Clement’s song is ominous, enigmatic and mysterious of past for Julia and Winston. Winton’s paperweight is a symbol of part but it comes in representing the kind of a temporal stasis in which he can dream.

Discuss doublethink? How it is important to Party’s control of the Oceania and how it is essential to Winston brainwashing?
One of the good aspects of 1984 is about Orwell’s understanding of roles as well as language play in control and rebellion. Orwell has an invention making rebellion impossible. Doublethink, it is the ability to maintain 2 ideas that are contradictory in 1’s head and believe to be true. For party’s control of the Oceania, doublethink is crucial to them because it enables them to change historical records and to distort accounts to be authentic.

These are only two of the 1983 essay prompts you can deal with. There are still many of it on the internet and when you like to discuss other prompts, make a good research to find what you are looking for.