Help me write my essay on “Are beauty peasant bad for children?”

Before I write my essay on this, I would like you to answer few of my questions.How do you want your daughter to grow up? Do you want her to think that outer beauty is all she require to be good. I think certainly not, as this is not just the way I will want my daughter to be. What about your son? You would surely love to see him showing off as much as your daughters, but do you want them called pretty or beautiful? I prefer the title ” Handsome little Devil ” to be more perfect for him.

I find almost all the parents urging and supporting their children to participate in different beauty competitions. They say the main motto of this is to poise confidence in them. So what confidence they want, is it only for looks. Is it that the girls who are bit less beautiful are less intelligent. I think no. One needs to believe in themselves to achieve their targeted goal. For this hard effort and confidence is required and not the makeup.

In order to look better and beautiful than other the children will waste time in makeup and beauty parlor, this time could be utilized better in building their career. In this rush of looking good many kids undergo depression too. I have seen many people doing good in their career even when they are handicapped. Taking a lesson from such people parents should motivate their children to pay heed to education and build their better future.

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