Help me write my essay on Atlantic Slave Trade

To write my essay on this, I would like to bring in view that Atlantic Slave Trade also known as the transatlantic slave trade, refers to the trade in slaves that took place across the Atlantic ocean from the sixteenth through to the nineteenth centuries. The vast majority of slaves involved in the Atlantic trade were Africans from the central and western parts of the continent, who were sold by African slave dealers to European traders, who transported them to the colonies in North and South America. There, the slaves were made to labor on coffee, cocoa and cotton plantations, in gold and silver mines, in rice fields, the construction industry, timber, and shipping or in houses to work as servants.

The Atlantic Slave Trade essentially worked like a triangle between Africa, Europe, and the Americas. Trade goods, such as guns and textiles were sent out of Europe and traded in Africa for slaves. The slaves were crammed into ships that crossed the Atlantic in order to provide labor. The numbers of slaves brought in America were on the largest count when compared to other countries. This is the main reason of having the African-American population in the United States today almost second only to Brazil in the New World. Slaves were transported on boats and ships in very pathetic condition. They were kept in dirty rooms with little to eat or drink and no room to move. They were kept in chains and left to lie on their backs on slave ships while crossing the Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantic Slave Trade had enormous negative effects on the continent of Africa. Africa suffered from an increase in violence, drain of people, and an economy increasingly reliant on slavery. Africans themselves played a role in the slave trade. The Africans that participated in the slave trade would sell their captive or prisoners of war to European buyers. Most other slaves were obtained from kidnappings, or through raids that occurred at gunpoint. This slavery continued for almost 400 years. Olaudah Equiano, brought change in this slavery condition.

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