Help me write my essay on compulsory education for children

To write my essay on this, we need to know what compulsory education refers to, it is a period of educational attendance required of all persons, normally between certain ages, such as six to sixteen years, and/or up to a certain grade level. About 150 years before Horace Mann helped Massachusetts establish a statewide system of education that eventually led to the requirement that all children attend public school. In 1852, Massachusetts became the first state to pass compulsory school attendance laws, and by 1918, all states required children to receive an education.

Today, every state and territory requires children to enroll in public or private education or to be home-schooled. More than half—32 states—require students to begin their education by age 6. Some states have even lowered the age to be 5. They have a cutoff age too. Some states have the cutoff age to be 16 and others 18. It is the education that helps in building ones personality. Books and teachers are the best mentor of a child. The advantage of the book is that it can set forth the subject fully and systematically; the advantage of the teacher is that, in addition to previous knowledge from the book, he knows and deals with the child directly, and can explain the salient or unclear points.

Education will help you develop your skills in reasoning, tolerance, reflection, and communication. These skills will help you resolve the conflicts and solve crisis that come up in the course of a personal or professional life. About 90 percent of the fastest-growing jobs of the future will require some post-secondary education or training so higher education is required too. Some major benefits of higher education are improved quality of life for their children, more hobbies and leisure activities, higher levels of saving and earning, increased mobility; personal as well as professional,
better consumer decision making.

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