Help me write my essay on Home schooling

To write my essay on this topic, I need to point out the benefits and ill effect of home schooling. Homeschooling or homeschool also called home education or home learning is the education of children at home, typically by parents or by tutors, rather than in other formal settings of public or private school. Many parents find homeschooling a good option, saying that their children learn things faster and in easier way. They even believe that their kids at home are able to complete or progress more as a single tutor pays attention to them. They even say that different kids have different pace of learning and grasping things. So at school some kids are left behind others and some are more farther from others. Time spent on classroom busywork could be avoided and valuable time invested in more motivating and rewarding activities. Many parents do lack time to visit school, unable to attend the parents/ teacher meeting find this option to be better.
Parents do forget that motto of sending the kid is not only to obtain education. School helps the kids to socialize. Be more disciplined and interactive. The kids learn better in group and have a competitive felling to do better from others, that makes them to be more targeted. Bedside studies, in school they have other activities too. Parents of home schooler needs to think and decide, aren’t there kids missing them.