Help me write my essay on importance of music

To write my essay on music, I need to know what is a music and what is its importance in our life. Music is an art form whose medium is sound. To many people in many cultures music is an important part of their way of life. When we are small our mother sings lullabies for us. This is the very beginning of music in our life. As we start growing we are given knowledge in form of songs and nursery rhymes, here also lies music. Either its marriage, festival or worship place you can hear the sound of music. Music is an essence of our life.

Music helps each one of us find our unique social niche, bringing us together with other folks that share similar interests. It documents the history of social and cultural changes in society, and is always in a state of perpetual evolution, combining new ideas with older ones to create a sound that’s unique to each generation. Music not only provides an opportunity to sing and dance, but researchers have shown that a strong musical education provides so much more. Music, for example, develops self-discipline. The child who allots time for practicing each day is known to develop similar habit. They become more devoted and punctual. Those singing in a group or choir, learn to sing in a group and thus learns the importance of team work. Scientists have also discovered that learning to read music or play a musical instrument develops higher thinking skills. The child who is skilled at music excels at problem-solving, evaluation, and analysis. Music reading uses the same portion of the brain that’s used in mathematical thinking. That’s why so many adept musicians are also quite good in math.

Music can be used to heal some disease too. People who are more anguish can control their anger by listening soft music. It is also a way of entertainment and relaxation. Along with these, music can also be taken as a career. Good singing can help a person to achieve name and fame.

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