Help me write my essay on “Media Influences on Society.”

To write my essay on the topic “Media and its influence on society”, we need to know, Television and Mass Media are both related to each other. Earlier the mode of entertainment and news were radio, magazine and newspaper. Later with the development of technology,Television plays an important role. When we talk about television media itself comes into view.

It is the work and effort put by media that we are able to watch the latest news and can keep a track of activities going on through out the world. We live in a society. The media makes billions of dollars with the advertising they sell. We buy what we are told to be good, after seeing thousands of advertisement, we make our buying decisions based on what we saw on Tv, newspapers or magazines. Most of the time we trust on what ever is shown on the television and also based on what the other people are buying. The decision made by these other people are also basically influenced by the media. Teenagers are influenced the most. They dream to become like their favorite stars which are as projected by the media. Seeing the sports on the television, one is motivated to become a player.

Television and Media are always interrelated. The media has power to influence everyone. The teenagers are the future of the country and they are the ones influenced the most.

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