Help me write my essay on New Industrial Technology and its effects

To write my essay, I kept in mind how things have changed from prehistoric time till now.
The use of technology by humans came in use from prehistoric times, when they started converting simple stones into tools. Then came the invention of fire by rubbing stones. This fire gave them light, helped in cooking food and protected from wild animals. Then came the technology of wheels means easier transport. Recent technological developments, includes the printing press, the telephone, the Internet, factories, machines. The list is just endless.

These technologies have changed our lives. Our life is more easier and comfortable. Suppose you have to pickup a heavy load, you have a machine for it. If you want to reach a place fast, you have train, bus, cars, aeroplanes as a means of transport. Take a very simple job at your home, for cleaning you can use a vacuum cleaner, dish washer, washing machine. Even when its raining, you can dry your clothes in the drier. The fact is that the technology and inventions made by science has made our work easier.

But its true along with its benefits, it has some ill-effects too. For all our work we have started depending on machines. This is a main cause of job loss for the labour class. With the invention of nuclear weapons there is war and destruction through out the world. Pollution due to waste products released by factories has increased.

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