Help to write my sociological essay about influence of cancer disease on mental health

When people think of cancer they think of death. That is how depressing it is. Just the thought can send you to a dark place. And this makes it much more difficult to write about. But in writing my essay about the influence of cancer on mental health, this is something that needs to be explored.

It is important to note that the medical society focuses on the physical treatment of cancer and there is nothing wrong with that. However, this disease does more than affect the body. It disturbs a person’s psyche.

The physical body is very much intertwined to psychological health which should be discussed in detail in my essay writing. This is one of the reasons why some studies conclude that mental stress to some extent, may lead to a frail body and in some cases, cancer. In the same way, an unhealthy body may also lead to depression. And this is what happens to those who are affected by cancer. The strength of their spirit and willingness to live is challenged by the disease.

Unfortunately, in chemotherapy and other procedures that a cancer patient undergoes, the disease’s effect on mental health is not treated. Patients rely rather on the love and support of relatives and friends. But even this, at times, is just not enough. People are usually confronted by situations that they find difficult to face, accept and cope with and this can push one to the edge.

It is good to put a positive light in writing my essay on the influence of cancer disease on mental health. I can end it by writing this: Cancer can either break or make a better person. Survivors of this disease prove that the human spirit can surpass even the most seemingly hopeless situations.

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