Help with my essay writing please. Compare and contrast “The Graduation” and “One Friday Morning”

‘The Graduation’ was written by Maya Angelou while ‘One Friday Morning’ was written by Langstone Hughes. These are short stories whose main theme is racial discrimination. The main character in both stories is a young school going black girl who faces challenges getting proper education due to her skin colour. The difference in all this is however how the two girls handle the effects of racial segregation.

Both stories depict a lack of opportunities scenario for black girls in the book settings. Maya, the girl who is the main character in The Graduation, feels disappointed on graduation day when the guest speaker makes his gift to the school. In his speech, he promises to deliver sports equipment for her school and the school with white community laboratory equipment. She feels the white kids will become ‘Galilees and Madame Curies (p.6). This spirit is only slightly lifted when Henry Reed; her classmate, sings the Negro Anthem.
Nancy Lee, the main character in ‘One Friday Morning’, attends a multicolored school. She is not discriminated against in class, and none of her classmates treats her differently. When her picture wins an Arts scholarship, it is the Vice Principal; Miss O’Shay who informs her of this. Excited of the leap, she is however disappointed when she is informed on closing day that the school board could not award her the scholarship due to her black race origin. Despite this being disheartening, she does not despair but vows to soldier on despite the setback in life.

People take and handle situations differently. While there are those who will rise up, dust themselves and soldier on, there are others who will feel disappointed in any occurrences. This in essence leads to despair.

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