How can I write essay on my favourite subject?

You are asking on a way on write essay on my favourite subject, and it’s a great thing you have asked. Depending on what your favorite subject is, you can pick a specific angle or topic of discussion that your readers will become interested of, aside from your interest in the subject. For instance, your favorite is history. Determine which part of this subject you find interesting to write about for your essay. Before writing though, you should pick a specific topic to discuss so that you can have a direction in your writing. In this case, you will be able to concentrate on a particular topic other than write in a general, ambiguous tone.

By selecting a specific topic in history for example, you will be able to have a direction in your writing. So if you were choosing to write about World War II for example, which area of this era would you like to discuss. And when done, you can start brainstorming and writing all the ideas coming into your mind about WWII. Once done and you’ve listed your ideas, it is time to pick specific area to discuss and begin writing.

Write with a main idea in mind. To write essay on my favourite subject, I would choose a specific significant idea, which I am going to discuss in the essay. And from there I can start building the situation or scenario by supporting this main idea with supporting details to help me in clarifying my thoughts and making my readers understand what exactly I am pointing to in my essay.

Just write fluidly and consider the coherence of your essay. When done, check it for errors in style, spelling and grammar to ensure of its accuracy. If you need more help though, you can contact us for a sample or an essay on my favourite subject.


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