How can my descriptive essay be effectively written in the form of a narrative?

If you want your descriptive essay to be effectively written in the form of a narrative essay, you need to provide the main point of your story. A narrative essay is about lessons learned. You are explaining one idea in one paragraph. Since it is an essay that tells a story, you can include action paragraphs and dialogue that are brief.

A descriptive essay contains dialogue but typically it has long paragraphs with topic sentences as well as supporting details, which include emotions and senses. Narrative essay, on the other hand tells a story. To effectively write descriptive essay into narrative essay, cover all events that are significant. You should include a plot, setting and characters.

You should have an introduction section, thesis and supporting paragraphs focusing on specific information that you described. In your conclusion part, you need to end it with single sentence. The descriptive essay and narrative essay is different from each other but the good news is that you can make your descriptive essay into narrative essay by telling a story. You need to follow the format in writing narrative essay and you have a successful essay.

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There is always a format for narratives and you need to abide with it. Do not forget about the structure as well because it is necessary to apply. You cannot write an effective paper if you do not know what you will do. You cannot present the best essay when you make mistakes that is why do well in writing. You should not only focus in the writing process but you also need to focus in outlining what details you will write. The essay must be personal and original all the time. Do not waste your time for useless things instead use it in writing an effective narrative paper.


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