How do I write a good introduction to my essay?

The introduction is an essential section and you need to make it attention grabbing to meet the expectations of readers. To write a good introduction to essay, you must know what to do. There is no formula in writing but there are things you need to accomplish.

To write a good introduction to essay, it must attract the reader’s attention. You can use interesting anecdotes or questions that will catch the curiosity of your readers. Raising an interesting issue to be your thesis is enough to get the attention of your readers. Also, it must tell to the readers what your thesis is all about. After reading your introduction, readers should have no doubts about the central idea of your paper.
It must also establish importance of your central idea to reader. You need to convince your audience about its significance and relevance. You must also need to provide a preview of how you’re going to present your thesis.
Additionally, the introduction is not the right place in introducing factual or background information. You need to save the background for the body of your paper. Also, it must not be too long wherein it must only be of one paragraph. Half of the page or less is great. If you decided to use anecdote as your opening and it is too long, cut it short.
Only introduce the best and enough information. Never begin your introduction with dictionary definition because readers are not interested on it. You should not also start with grand generalization. Your body section will comes next when you are finish in writing your introduction. To engage your readers in reading the rest of your essay, make a wonderful introduction. Make sure that you know what details to include and what you should not. Start writing your introduction now!


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