How do I write a narrative essay in first-person on a non-human living organism?

In writing a narrative essay in first person, you need to use the word “I”. In getting started, you need to have a thesis statement on a non-human living organism. If this is your topic, you need to think of a good point that will be your basis.

If you decided to tell a story about non-human living organism, you should gather all the information you need. You need to be prepared in creating presentation. This means that you need to put your ideas together and decide what you want to include. You also need to make a decision on what you want to leave out. In writing, it is important to make it organize so that it is readable.
Another thing is that the first person perspectives include “I” that is why you need to write as if you’re the non-human organism. You need to report what is going on. For instance, the other dog kids do not like me and eat all the meat before I am near to him but those kids could not eat fast in keeping me out of meal.

If you do not have any pet or you had a cat or god, imagine that you are like them and begin your writing. It will help you to have an easy writing process but before you get started, you must know what you need to consider.

You need to know how you write a narrative essay and structure you must follow. You should not just write and write. Make sure you know what you will include and what story you will tell. The key to have a wonderful non-human living organism narrative essay is to act like them and carefully think on what you want to tell.


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