How do I write my biology essay on ‘growth’

To write an essay on this first be clear what the word growth means. In the terms of biology, growth means, increase in size and mass during the development of an organism over a period of time. We know all the living organism, either be plants or animal, they grow and this is one of the important characteristics that differentiate between a living and a non- living thing.

All living organism take birth, grow, get old (aging) and die. Though all organisms grow, the rate of growth varies over a lifetime. Typically, growth in an organism follows an S-shaped curve, in which growth is at first slow, then fast, then, towards the end of life, non-existent. Growth may even be negative during the period before death, with decay occurring faster than cellular replacement. In humans, there is a short period of rapid growth at puberty. Growth is affected by genetic factors, which dictate the eventual size and appearance of an organism. It is dependent upon an adequate supply of water and mineral salts (diet, food ), and, particularly in plants, appropriate conditions of light and temperature, which determine the rate of photosynthesis.

In plants, growth directed by a specific stimulus is called tropism; for example, phototropism involves growing towards the light, while geotropism is directed by gravitation, so growth of roots in the soil. Increase of size by expansion, as when a cell enlarges through taking in water, is not usually considered as biological growth because this process does not involve any increase in dry weight. Similar is the condition of crystallization of sugar. In this condition there in increase in the mass too but it is not actually a growth. The plant growth helps us to get food and fodder.

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