How does modern education fit into the question of empire, militarism and war?

If you will discuss how modern education fit into question of empire, military and war. There are three different things that can be connected. Modern education for most part is lacking terribly because of the attempt in producing more temperate society or civil society emphasizing with helpless and weak.

The fact is that you need education for leaders and you need leaders for war. You need war in order to form empires. The thing you always need to think about is that modern education lacks critical thinking allowing entity to build empire, militarism and war. It is a good think that you can connect these three into modern education. There are people who doesn’t know about it and it is a good thing to make an essay about it so that they will know more information. To do that, you need to know how you can connect each of them.

You can say that without modern education, you cannot have great leaders. Without great leaders, there is no one who will guide people for war. To have war, you need to build empires. If you analyze this; empire, militarism and war are connected with each other.

This is what you need to do and you need to ask yourself too. You should not just make a research but think how you can able to come up with good essay by connecting each of them. Lastly, it is hard to come up with good questions but if you think carefully and make a research, you can get what you want. To impress your readers, do your best in presenting the details they want to read. You need to discuss how modern education fits into question of empire, militarism and war by relating them to each other.


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