How should I write my essay about Dutch art?

To write my essay on Dutch art, I would start by doing research on Dutch art. I am going to do this because this is going to keep me from getting stumped because I don’t know what to write about. This will also help me understand the topic more and help me identify what questions I need to answer when I write my essay.

To write my essay, I would go on to discuss the various art periods in which Dutch art has played a role. Dutch art had a golden age so I will delve into that. From there, I can talk about Dutch art in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. I can point out the highlights (such as Dutch impressionism in the nineteenth century) and focus on those rather than give an overview.

I can go on to describe Dutch painters when I write my essay and mention one or two of their works. I will briefly talk about the painter’s life to start. After that, I can talk about that painter’s artistic style and the different methods that he used in his paintings. I can start with one of the older Dutch painters, Johannes Vermeer, who was alive during the golden age of Dutch art.

Write My Essay Steps2.png

After discussing some of the known artists in the golden age, I can start on artists in the nineteenth and twentieth century. Like with the artists from the golden age, I will talk about the painter’s artistic styles and methods.

That is my essay on Dutch art and its painters.

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