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How Should I Write My Essay on Legalizing Marijuana?


An essay should have an introduction and a thesis. This should be focused on why marijuana should be legalized. A brief medical and genetic name should be given in the introduction. It should also be accompanied by information about when marijuana developed, a favorable climate for its growth and traditional growing regions.

Negative Sides

Marijuana has an effect on hormonal and chemical reactions in the body. This should be analyzed in an essay. There are medical and social reasons for this, which should be given and authoritatively analyzed without any bias regarding the approval of the dissertation.

Positive Sides

Despite the negative consequences, marijuana has many positive functions in the body. It must be authoritatively given. There are medical and social reports on this aspect. Researchers, scientists and other specialists have studied the plant and its effect on the human body. There are groups of people who grow using marijuana, and there are studies and reports on these groups, as well as peer-reviewed articles about them. This should be included in the essay.


This is when the case for legalization is done in an essay. The focus should be on medical and scientific reports that are mentioned when exposed to humans. Therefore, this is a critical analysis of the positive and negative effects. It should be emphasized that the positive side outweighs the negative side; therefore, it should not be necessary to prohibit marijuana use.


Then an opinion should be given. Based on this argument, it will be obvious that it is better in society when marijuana is legalized and criminalized. This opinion should include a description of the theses and their provisions.
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