How to Create an Outstanding Short Story Essay

short story essay

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If asked to write a short story essay, how are you going to start with it and what are the tips to use to come up with one? We’ve created this guide to let you know of the very basic things to remember when writing a short story essay.

What Is a Short Story Essay?

A written piece to explore a short fiction write-up for readers and is meant for literary journals or scholarly purposes, a short story essay allows you for a more personal input. It is a perfect way of sharpening your understanding of fiction, helping you develop a critical eye. What you need are a highlighter, a notebook and a pen.

How to Write a Short Story Essay

  1. Create notes of your thoughts about the character and plot as well as the author’s use of a specific literary device, while reading the short story. Use a highlighter for marking passages you want included in the essay.
  2. Open your essay writing at least a paragraph to introduce the story author and the title. It should give readers a short idea about the general premise and setting, serving as a basis for them to follow the short essay.
  3. Introduce main characters and highlight each of their own goals. What are the hero’s goals? What are the things that prevent him from accomplishing such goals? You should also include a short description of his personality and purpose in the short story.
  4. Summarize the main elements, including symbolism, metaphor, hyperbole and other devices that the author used to highlight his points. You should write whether you find the theme and message clear or not.
  5. Summarize the story’s ending and discuss how the author has answered your questions. You should also tell your readers if ending was effective or not. What did the ending accomplish to support the theme?
  6. Write your final paragraph on your opinion about the short story. Tell if you would recommend it or not for your readers.

There you have ways on how to write a short thesis. You can also check out a short story essay example about a short story from which you have to make an essay to have an idea of what to write. Nevertheless, analyze the story and be able to guide your readers well in writing your essay of a short story.

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