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short essays about life

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Making an impact in your essay is one of your main goals and that you want to make it unforgettable for your readers. When choosing a topic to serve the purpose, you may want to go for short essays about life. Talking about life is one of the most interesting short essay topics to write about because it can affect your readers and help them relate to you. Check out this sample on short essay about life and get an idea.

Short Essays about Life: A Sample

While life is beautiful, it is not always easy because there are also problems you have to face daily. But the main challenge in all those problems you face is on your courage to survive and keep on going. You should let the beauty of life to act as a balm that can make pain bearable especially during trying times when you need much, much hope.

Victory, defeat, sorrow and happiness—there are always two sides of the coin. But from all these, you will have to consider that life is for pleasure, joy, comfort and success, only that life is punctuated by defeat, misery, problems and failures. Everyone, even the strongest, wisest, richest and most powerful suffered from failure and struggle.

Still, life is full of beauty in every moment. It is a celebration of staying alive. But then, you should always be ready to face the challenges coming your way. Perhaps, a person without difficulties cannot be successful.

Remember, challenges and difficulties test your patience, courage, perseverance and true character. Any hardship or adversity can make you strong, making you ready to face all problems with strength. Undoubtedly, there will be no gain without pain.

It is only through sweat and toils that one’s success can be sustained or nourished.

Short Essays about Life

Short essay writing about life does not require technical knowledge and skills on a certain topic at all because a topic about life is your personal essay on how you see life in your eyes. When creating an essay about it, you can discuss your opinion about life and anything in between, such as success and failure, challenges and struggles. Nevertheless, short essays on life are unforgettable for readers because some of them may be able to relate about your perception about life, although there can still be some disagreements. No matter, your short essays on life will surely be remarkable if you would speak from your heart.

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