How to Turn Famous Short Essays into Your Advantage

famous short essays

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Have you been looking for topic ideas for an essay to write, you may want to stick around because we’ve prepared famous short essays and their titles and authors. You can pick up from these ideas before writing your essay.

Short Essays by Famous Authors


  1. Gregg Easterbrook: The Truth About Money
  2. David Cain: Your Lifestyle Has Already Been Designed


  1. Jon Gertner: The Futile Pursuit of Happiness
  2. James Hamblin: Buy Experiences, Not Things
  3. Emily Smith: There’s More to Life Than Being Happy
  4. Oliver Burkeman: Happiness is a Glass Half Empty
  5. Jonathan Rauch: The Real Roots of Midlife Crisis
  6. Joshua Wolf Shenk: What Makes Us Happy?


  1. David Graeber: What’s the Point If We Can’t Have Fun?
  2. Chris Jones: The Strange Happiness of the Emergency Medic

Short Essays by Famous Authors

If you could notice by these samples, writing a short essay, as done by famous authors, does not really have to be magical, but have to be realistic. You don’t need to choose a fancy topic for your short term paper, which point you cannot raise clearly. If you want to do well in your short essay, write and speak from your heart. What is going on inside your brain talking about this specific topic you find special?

Narrate such to your readers in a way they could enter your mind and see what you are exactly trying to tell them of, so don’t be afraid to explore your topic and highlight your personal opinion. Perhaps, this is an essay—your very own standpoint on a certain topic, which cannot be questioned at all. Everyone has an opinion on something, so don’t try to please everyone playing safe with your essay.

What you have to please is yourself and the readers who believe in the same point you have been discussing. And then what you could do is to highlight important examples or illustrations to make other people see the point you are trying to raise in the piece. Nevertheless, try to be yourself and write from your heart—the secret of short essays by famous authors.

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