How to Use Short Essay Prompts Correctly

short essay prompts

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Writing short essay prompts is one of the main writing tasks for you if you were a student and one of the main tasks to ask your students if you were an instructor. Now, how do you make use of short essay prompts wisely? Check out the following for some general rules when maximizing short essay prompts.

Good Short Essay Topics

  • Book report: Ask students to write a book report, taking note of the name of the author, setting, main characters, summary and other elements.
  • Learning from other people: Ask them to talk about ways on how they learn from other people. They must give example of what they have learned from someone as well as reasons and ways they learned it.
  • Movie review: You can ask them to write a movie review, with full description of the story, the characters as well as details on portions they like and portion they dislike in the film.
  • World improvement: In the good short essay, you can ask them about ways they plan of changing or improving the world. What are those actions to take to make this earth a better planet for us to live?
  • Funny joke: Tell your students to write about a good joke and ways it is funny.
  • Number: Ask your students to write about a number in their short term assignment.
  • Invention: Ask them to write about an invention that they would love to make, and then tell them to describe it and reasons to use it.
  • Persona accomplishments: Ask them to write about an accomplishment, which they worked hard to achieve as well as ask them things they did to succeed.
  • Politics: You can ask them to write about political issues, such as election problems. What are the main problems in this election and why do they think so?
  • Write about a friend: You can ask students to write about a friend that means for them and ask them to describe ways on how they behave with each other. Finally, ask them to talk about what they do during disagreements.

There you have some perfect examples of short essay prompts to use when asking your students for a writing task to accomplish and hone their writing skills.

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