How to write a peer review?

Writing a peer review is not easy because you need to ensure you present a good information. When you need a help on how to write a peer review, here are some things to consider. Do your best in writing and you have a good review.
Be professional: You need to be professional in writing a peer review, if you do not do it; you will be criticized. If you want to sharpen your writing skills, you need to be professional all the time. Get rid of an attitude of being childish and wasting your time.
Be pleasant: If the review is awful, no one will like it. Do not say bad things in the review because it is not a good idea. Just be pleasant and be honest in writing the review. Tell them what they should know.
Read the invite: If you receive a paper inviting you for peer review, think if you will accept or reject it. If you decided to accept it, you need to read the invitation because it gives you instructions and when it is due.
Be helpful: If there are shortcomings you identify, suggest some solutions on how to overcome it. A review is more than a suggestion to reject, to accept and revise. The peer review must be meaningful all the time and guides the author on what is good and what is bad.
Be scientific: if the paper has numerous mistakes, tell it and provide examples.
Be timely: There is no point to complain about the paper. If you agree to write a peer review, you should manage your time. You need to meet the deadlines and stick to it.
These are effective help on how to write a peer review. If you accept to write a review, do your best and be honest.


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