How to Write an Argumentative Essay about Organ Sales

The Beginning of Your Essay on Organ Sales

Writing any type of an essay can be difficult but an argumentative essay on organ sales can be a very difficult essay to write. But like any essay, if you spend the time to do your research and outline your essay you can take what seems an impossible task and turn it into something that is simple.

An essay on organ sales should begin with your research. You need to get some real facts and figures regarding the scale of the problem, where it occurs, the reasons for it and so on. Use reputable sources of information not sensationalized news stories or Hollywood films.

Also, check all sources of information with regards to where they have gained their data so that you can ascertain the strength of the information.

You will be able to find a fair bit of information online regarding this issue but you need to be aware that a lot of data and information will be circumstantial rather than truly factual as on the whole what is going on is completely illegal and therefore hidden!

Structuring Your Argumentative Essay on Organ Sales

Firstly you need to develop your argument, maybe you would like to actually argue that organ sales should be legalized so that those profiting from the illegal trade would not be able to profit and those that participate would be better protected and of course better paid for what they are doing.

You can make a very strong argument for this and your introduction should state your argument clearly and why you think that it is a valid viewpoint. You should then go on to explain how you are going to justify your point of view.

The main body of your essay on organ sales should then detail out the various supporting arguments that you want to use. One paragraph of each argument. So you could have a full paragraph detailing how criminals exploit those in poverty to donate organs at a very low price and another detailing the risks and poor healthcare that those selling the organs have to go through. You should aim for 4 or 5 separate paragraphs if you can.

Your conclusion then should summarize those arguments and show how they support your main argument to convince the reader that your viewpoint is the correct viewpoint.

Tips for Writing an Argumentative Essay on Organ Sales

  • In the introduction paragraph, you, the author, must give the needed background info on the subject. The author must use the introduction to present his subject. You can offer some background. It will be about the chapter or the chapters from a source you selected or it may also be any other book you have used and have been writing about in the essay.
  • Write inquiry questions. The question may refer to the industry or subject of the story.  You must also think of the thesis question. You, the writer or author, should continue by answering the inquiry question using your main point or thesis. For example in the industry of organ sales, you may write that the government must not ban organ sales but control or regulate it. In fact saying, “Lives should not be wasted but saved.”
  • Consider the thesis. Remember that the thesis will appear at your introduction’s end. It also answers the inquiry question. The only difference is that the question will revolve around a subject or topic, which is related to the story or several stories that you are writing about.
  • Consider the body paragraphs. They must be succinct. In the sample, “Organ Sales Will Save Lives,” the paper starts with a specific claim that the author is pointing out. Take note that the next body paragraphs will also begin with a claim. You should work directly by making the point and then prove the thesis. The essay must be worked on gradually that you will be left with more spaces to work on.
  • To prove the writer’s point, examples can be used. They strengthen an argument or point because they picture the situation effectively.
  • Use two sources, just as in the sample essay. They are the chapter or chapters that you selected. The other is an outside source, a credible source. It should not be a blog or Wikipedia.
  • The samples must still be used to illustrate a point or points. You may also want to follow up a description or quote using an explanation on how the quote illustrates or supports your claim.
  • Consider and anticipate objections of skeptics about your claims. Know possible objections that others will have to your claims and be ready to defend your claims if needed.
  • Write a conclusion. What is the importance of this topic in the real world? Write in a manner to show that discussing this issue is relevant or significant in the present and future.
  • Edit and proofread your work to check for flow, grammar, spelling, and punctuation. You may want to edit it a couple of times to strengthen any arguments when still needed.

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