How to Write an Essay about SWOT

Read an answer on how to write an essay about SWOT from professionals.

One assignment that is a big favorite on many MBA courses and other courses is asking students to write an essay around a SWOT analysis. SWOT stands for Strengths. Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.

This is a method that is often used by businesses to help them to develop their business strategies and for forthcoming years. By understanding what the company is good at, not so good at and by understanding the environment within which they are operating they can identify actions that they need to take to grow or maintain their business.

Writing Your SWOT Essay

Your essay may be based around an actual SWOT analysis for a business or you may be expected to develop one for an identified business or industry. Whatever you are asked to do the format will be very similar.

Your introduction should introduce the company itself and the environment within which it operates. It should also seek to communicate what the companies aims are for the future with regards to growth, new products and other areas.

The body of your essay should then concentrate on the SWOT analysis itself; Your section that describes the company’s strengths should explain what those strengths are and why they are strengths for the company.

The weaknesses should detail out those areas in which the company does not have sufficient skills or resources and in which there could be potential problems in the future.

Opportunities could be emerging markets, new technology, anything that the company could take advantage of to increase sales and expand their operations.

Threats can encompass things such as expected legislation, import or export duty increases, large numbers of employees approaching retirement and so on.

Concluding Your SWOT Essay

How you conclude your essay will depend on the nature of your essay, it may be a simple summary of the SWOT analysis and how you think it will affect the company or it may be a more in-depth analysis with suggestions as to what the company needs to do.

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