How to Write an Essay about the Death Penalty

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Writing an essay about the death penalty in different countries is a very interesting subject indeed. You could either write as an overview of what different countries believe and implement or a more in depth piece focusing on say the moral dilemma of implementing the death penalty and how different countries approach it.

You could even write about the physical mechanics of how the death penalty is carried out across the different countries, what happens to the corpses and even if the events are witnessed or even televised. This is before you even get into whether or not the death penalty is actually effective against crime or not.

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The specific topics you could write about are almost endless which makes this a great subject to write about.

Researching for Your Essay about the Death Penalty in Different Countries

Be careful about any research you do with regards to the sources that you use; especially online sources. Because this is such an emotional area some people are likely to exaggerate or claim that information is factual even when it is not. So great care must be exercised when analyzing data for this subject.

Constructing Your Essay on the Death Penalty

All good essays follow a very simple structure and your essay on the death penalty should be no different. You need an introduction, a main body or discussion section and then you conclusion. When writing your essay however it is highly recommended that you always create an outline for the essay to provide you with a simple guide as to what you need to write.

Your outline need only be a few bullet points showing what you will cover within each section but it will provide you with a clear map for what you want to achieve and stop you from writing into dead ends or wandering off at a tangent.

Your introduction should firstly introduce your main argument or observation and then inform the reader as to why it is important and the background to it. Your argument could be something such as “countries that implement the death penalty have higher rates of crime.”

Your main body would then detail out the arguments that you wish to use to support your initial statement showing cited data from various pieces or research and so on. Allowing the reader to see the situation within the different countries that you have selected.

Your conclusion should then pull this information together to support your initial statement as well as giving your personal opinion as to what should be done about the situation.

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