How to Write an Essay on Artificial Intelligence

Get an answer on how to write an essay on artificial intelligence.

Writing an essay on artificial intelligence is no easy task, there is a large amount written on the subject as well as a huge number of areas in which it could be applied. The first stage of writing your essay has to be narrowing down the subject so that you can select a topic around which to write and for which you can discover supporting research.

For instance your artificial intelligence essay could be about how using artificial intelligence within the aviation industry could enhance flight safety or alternatively you could take a view of the dangers of giving computers artificial intelligence.

Whatever the topic you select you now need to do your research so that you have supporting evidence to support any assertions that you wish to make about your topic.

Drafting Your Essay on Artificial Intelligence

It is always worth outlining your essay at this stage, if you have done good research then this can be very simple. You need to list out what you will cover within your introduction; a few simple bullet points will be sufficient then you will create the bullet ppoints for each of the supporting paragraphs that will make up the body of your essay before outlining your conclusion.

Using a simple outline like this enables you to keep your artificial intelligence essay organized and your mind focused as to what you need to achieve.

Writing Your Essay on Artificial Intelligence

Using the simple outline you have laid out writing your essay on artificial intelligence should be relatively simple. Your introduction needs to spell out your main argument that should also be reflected in the title of the essay. For example; “How artificial intelligence could lead to the downfall of the human race.”

Your introduction should also tell the reader how you are going to support your argument and the type of research that you have conducted.

The main body of your essay on artificial intelligence needs to contain 4 or 5 main paragraphs that will each detail out an individual supporting idea. Each paragraph should be a single concise description of an idea with any supporting evidence.

Your conclusion then draws together all of these supporting ideas and shows how they “prove” your initial argument.

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