How to Write an Essay on Aviation in the USA?

Get an expert question to an answer on how to write an essay on aviation in the USA.

Aviation is a huge subject; you need to be a little more specific about what it is that you need to write your essay around. It could be about the history of Aviation in the USA starting with the Wright brothers’ first flights or you could be looking at the way that airlines are organized today.

Whatever the focus of your aviation essay may be you need to start with your research. Find out as much as you can about the area in which you will be writing. This can be through reading information in Wikipedia and other online sources to finding learned works within your college library depending on the level of your essay and the guidance that you will have received from your tutor.

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You now need to brainstorm through what you have learned and develop a clear thesis , a clear assertion about which you are going to write. Sometimes this will be defined by the tutor but other times you will have to develop the ideas behind your essay totally.

Outlining Your Aviation Essay

Once you have this all worked out it is time to actually develop your aviation essay; it is almost always best to outline what you intend to write rather than jumping straight in and beginning to write. An outline will provide you with a clear map as to what it is that you will write. When you write an essay with an outline it makes your life so much easier.

All essays have three main sections:

  • Your introduction
  • The main body
  • Your conclusion

Your introduction needs to grab the reader’s attention, either use a startling fact or two regarding your topic such as how many times the Wright brothers’ crashed when they were developing powered flight or the number of additional miles passengers have to travel to get to their destinations due to the organization of internal flight routes.

The body should then go through the various facts that you have found during your research, usually three to five paragraphs would be sufficient and then your conclusion should draw those facts together to support your initial assertions.

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