How to Write an Idiolect Essay

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Idiolect is how a group of individuals speak; their particular language, dialect, slang and even pronunciation. It will often be found to be different between social groups, age groups, and from family to family. In fact taken to the ultimate level you could almost say that everyone has their own unique idiolect.

You will also find that an individual’s or a groups idiolect will change depending on who they are talking with. Therefore, a group of teenagers talking amongst themselves will use different words and pronunciation to when they are talking with their family or to their teachers. So many people will use several different idiolects depending on the circumstances.

Structuring Your Idiolect Essay

There are many topics that you could choose to write about when considering your idiolect essay, although in many cases your tutor will have defined your essay a little narrower, for instance to discuss how “text speak has changed the way teenagers speak” or to “compare the differences in speech between Arizona and New York.”

This can be a difficult essay to write as it will require some careful observation and thought about the exact way that people speak and structure their words.

Like all good essays however you should begin with your introduction and state what it is that you are going to discuss within your essay and why.

Your main body should then focus on a series of observations or differences if you are making a comparison. Each comparison should have a paragraph of its own and should contain some clear examples.

Your conclusion should then summarize your main body and relate back to your introduction.

Ensure of course that your writing is free of any errors of spelling, punctuation and grammar and avoid using your “own” idiolect within the essay except as examples to highlight and demonstrate what you are talking about; your essay should be written in “proper English.”

Help with Writing Your Idiolect Essay

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