How to write my essay about surrealist paintings?

Hi there! I guess I can drop a couple of lines about this kind of essays
Firstly, your Art essay about surrealist paintings, as well as all the other essays, should have an introductory part. In this paragraph I advise you saying a few things about surrealism as a cultural movement which appeared in the beginning of 1920s. Don’t forget to state that surrealism was founded in Paris in 1924 by Andre Breton. Moreover, here you can also add some maim reasons of its appearance. Another good idea might be to list the main members of the movement in the art field. You may mention such painters as: Salvador Dali, Rene Magritte, Man Ray, Frida Kahlo,Francis Bacon, etc

As far as the main body of your essay is concerned, you are to concentrate on peculiarities of surrealistic paintings here. Say how the main principles of surrealism philosophy are incorporated in the paintings of the surrealist artists. Furthermore, I think that making comparisons with other artistic movements, like realism or romanticism can help you get a good mark for your essay.
Make a detail characteristic of paintings in your essay. Dwell on the main motifs, ways of expressing them, techniques and colors most frequently used. Don’t forget to mention symbolical and psychological aspect of the paintings in your essay on surrealist paintings.

Additionally, you can pick one peculiar painting, Salvador Dali “The Persistence of memory”, for instance and characterize is it from all the aspects, giving your own interpretation of its meaning and showing your attitude to it. This will make your essay more vivid and help you get a better mark(it worked with my essay at least;)).

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Finally, you are to draw a conclusion of your essay in which you can tell about the main points you have already mentioned in brief an explain the importance and influence on surrealism paintings. To make the essay more personal, you can also share your own opinion about surrealism.