How to write my essay on Internet as a source of information

Internet in our lives.
To write my essay on this, it’s necessary to know the clear meaning of Internet. Internet is a global network connecting millions of computers. More than 100 countries are linked into exchanges of data, news and opinions. Internet has many uses. It is mostly used as a source of information. The internet has become the best source of information as there is nothing on which we cannot find information by browsing the internet, whether about science, technology, mathematics, history, countries, sociology, medicine, engineering, sports, games, music, movie, jobs or education.

Internet is the BEST source of information for any field of study and research. But one must be careful to choose the appropriate correct information as any individual can upload information to the website and no one can be sure of articles accuracy unless you are already knowledgeable about the article. Also information from the internet may not be updated. Browsing the internet is a skill in itself.

While using social websites like orkut and facebook, one becomes aware of friends activities. But these social networking sites are not that important when taking news wise. Studies shows that about 85% of Americans access to internet so it’s a main source of information for them.

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