How to write my residency personal statement?

There is no arguing with the fact that a well-written residency personal statement is vital for successful application for any residency medical program. Residency personal statement writing is not much different from writing any other personal statement, I must say. However, residency personal statement has its own peculiarities.

To begin with, your residency personal statement should be truthful and based on your own life story. Tell about your educational and family background, focusing on your achievements, skills and abilities. You should necessarily state what degree you gained and at which university. Don’t forget to mention what made you choose medical field in the first place. List your main achievements and abilities as this will help the committee to get a better understanding about what kind of person you are. Going further, you can give some information about your skills (relevant to your specialty) and tell how the program you want to apply to will help you in their development.

Next, in your residency personal statement you are to mention why you have decided to apply for this residency position and how you will benefit from it. Moreover, you are to state how, in your opinion, you will be able to contribute to the community in general and to this particular program. Show your devotion and passion to the subject as the admission committee usually appreciate that.

In addition, it is extremely important how you start you residency personal statement. Think of some eye-catching introduction for your essay, like some citation or rhetorical question. Also, while writing your residency personal statement, pay attention to your grammar and the words you use. Use advanced vocabulary, but keep your essay simple and you will do great!

Finally, don’t forget to proofread your personal statement when it is finished. It might be a good idea to have it checked by somebody else, your parents, friends or even some quality personal statement writing service, if you feel insecure about the quality of your essay.