How to Write Really Interesting Science Article Analysis

interesting science article

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Writing interesting science article analysis will help you in improving your writing skills. You will able to assess the work of others, to be familiar with evaluation criteria and develop your skills as one of the readers of that article.

Reading a Science Article

To have an interesting science article analysis, you need to read the article carefully. You need to analyze as well as to evaluate it. Check the originality and quality of the research to ensure that presentation and relevance is good. You need to assess its weaknesses and strengths to know about its value. In analysis, you need to address the negative and the positive aspects.

Writing Tips for Science Article Analysis

  • Research the critique: Choose a topic to read if your professor did not assign a science article. Review the summary and make an evaluation on current studies on certain topic. Select the article or the one given by your professor and clearly understand it.
  • Choose research article: The feature of science analysis is to use review article in selecting research article. It is helpful in getting enough background details and to establish that the article you’re criticizing is relevant. In choosing the research article, ensure to examine its materials and methods section.
  • Analyze the text: You can never make a good analysis when you do not analyze the text. As you read the article sections, ask yourself for some questions.
  • What is the central purpose of the author? Read the introduction
  • What are the methods used in accomplishing the purpose? Read observations, analysis as well as evaluation of research. Check out for methods
  • What are the techniques used and how it is being performed?
  • How results are interpreted? How it is related to original problem? Check out the discussion section
  • Establish research context: If you’re familiar with the assigned article, it’s essential to gain understanding about the research context. In order to establish research context, it is essential to address such questions.
  • Who conducted the research and what are his/her interests
  • Where and when the research conducted
  • Are there are laboratories conducting the research?
  • How essential the research question?
  • Evaluate the text: The time you are done reading the article and answered such questions, you should already have a good understanding about the article. You can start to evaluate the research of the author. Making judgments on others work is difficult as part of the analysis. Be sure that you have enough knowledge to make critical analysis.

Feature of Science Analysis

It consists of:

  • Introduction: Read its statement of purpose as well as the end of introduction. Note about the sequence of statements.
  • Methods: Review all methods that are related to objectives of study. Check the methods for important details and for flaws.
  • Results: Carefully examine the data that are presented in the diagrams and tables. Review results that are presented. It is better to check the presentation of data and the calculations.
  • Discussion: Check the interpretation and the results. Does it repeat the results or not? Is the interpretation supported or not.

Writing science article analysis is difficult for others because they need to review and understand the article carefully. To do this, you need to know first all the methods, what is the purpose and others that helps you to have a wonderful analysis on that article.

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