How to Write Short Essays about Love that Sink into the Mind

short essays about love

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How you feel, see and taste love differs from what the other senses, and speaking from your perspective when talking about love is vital when writing short essays about love. So when asked to write a short essay on this topic, think of a particular feeling, an unforgettable feeling you have or had and share it with your readers and make them see and feel from your point of view. Check out the following for a sample of an essay about love.

Short Essays about Love: An Example

High school is a tropical paradise for love and romance. This is the perfect time to love and to be loved in return.

I met my true love on a Tuesday and that was unforgettable. I saw her in the gym, a moment of slow motion with her hair blowing with the wind. I was struck by her beauty.

I was saved only after a few seconds, with the words that saved my life “You still have that size label on your pants.” I ripped it as fast as I could. And then she was gone, but oh, I forgot asking her name.

Weeks passed and I still haven’t seen her again.

Suddenly, she came in front of my friends and me. She was with her friends, too. I melted in my shoes when she introduced herself to my group.

Second semester rolled and each one of us is tired after first exam.

I regained my energy soon as she walked into the room. She will be with me in first class. I finally had the reason to talk to her about a question in our homework.

Then, we had a ball in school.

I was willing to dance with her, although I did not have the guts of asking her out. I promised that she would be the first dance.

Dancing with her was a highlight in my high school life.

I could never forget when her arms were around my neck. She had a beautiful shiny, silky hair touching my face, while we’re getting closer. Her feet never touched mine, but I don’t mind if she ever did. I would love to dance with her forever.

Dancing with my dream girl was as if I am in desolated island. I didn’t care how long the song would be because I could be stuck in this moment forever.

A single motion of every second because after all, this girl is the love of my life.

Romantic Short Essays on Love

If you’re looking to write about an unforgettable love story of your own, feel free using this sample for a guide on short essays love. Best part is that you only need to keep yourself inspired and let the ideas flow freely as you write short essays on love. If you need examples of short essays about life, we can help you with that as well.

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