How to Write Your Admission Essay

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Writing an admission essay is never easy. You have to put a huge amount of thought into your admission essay no matter what the admission essay topic may be. This is your one and only opportunity for you to show your unique personality and sell yourself as the very best choice for their course.

Your admission essay has to be able to grab the attention of the reader and keep them focused on the story that you want to tell them, in this case a story based around how a specific piece of art, music or literature has inspired you in some way.

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This forms the theme for your admission essay around which everything you write is based.

Drafting Your Admission Essay

It is always very worth outlining a draft of your essay to ensure that you create something with a compelling theme that will hold together. The draft will also help you to write something that is well structured in an easy manner.

All essays, even your admission essay, will follow a simple structure:

  • Introduction
  • Main Body
  • Conclusion

In this case your introduction can be how a particular work has inspired you to follow a particular career path which just happens to be the course that they have on offer. This is a useful admission essay topic as it gives you many opportunities to tie together exactly how you have become interested in a specific subject and how you can see yourself progressing within it.

Writing Your Admission Essay

With the admission essay topic selected writing your introduction will be fairly easy, you show how a specific piece of work has inspired you to follow your course. For example if you are wishing to follow a career in nursing then the book “The Nightingales of Troy” by Alice Fulton could be a great basis for your admission essay.

The main body of your essay could reflect on things that have occurred to the heroine within the book and how it made you feel about following a career in nursing. Select 3 or 4 incidents and show how each made you feel and how it reinforced your decision to be a nurse.

Your conclusion then draws together everything you cite within the main body and show how their course will help you achieve the future that you see for yourself and have described within your introduction.

Help with Writing Your Admission Essay

Your admission essay really is your only shot at getting the place that you have selected, your grades and other details will stand for very little at this stage as most other applicants will be very similar.

Your admission essay has to stand out, which is why you should seriously consider having it written by a professional writer who has extensive experience in writing admission essays.

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