I am afraid to start my nursing career. How should I deal with it?

The fact is that it is normal when you afraid to start your nursing career. What you feel is completely normal because each nurse feels to be scared when it is their first time to work. The time you get started in working, you will be surprised because you will witness what you know. It is also a fact that you are not perfect which means you do not know everything. You will feel that you do not know everything but when you are in practice or this is the time you will start, you will shock that you can really apply what you have learned.

Everyone is scared whether they accept it or not. It is normal to be nervous when it is your first time or you are trying something new but when you deal with it, you get to use to it. Keep in mind that individual have different ways in coping with changes happening in their life and do not worry because you will be fine. At first, you will be anxious and nervous but you can do better. You only need to trust yourself.

Asking advice and assistance from your parents and friends will also help you. With them, you will not be alone. You will feel their support and presence. Take note that your best friend is your supervisor and you can ask some advices from him. You will definitely survive in the profession you chose. It is normal to have worries or to be scared at first but when you get used to it, you will be comfortable. You get use to the environment, to your tasks and others. If you want to be successful, do not be afraid to try new things. This is where your nursing career really begins so do your best.

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