I have doubts about prewritting my English essay.

When I write my essay, I do not start by writing right away. This will only make me go around in circles instead of straight to the point. This will be a waste of time and energy. Aside from that, I will not just confuse myself but also my readers because they might not understand what I am trying to say.

When I write my essay, I begin with the prewriting stage. This includes researching on my topic, planning what subtopics I am going to include in my topic and outlining. I should think about what I am going to write about and how.

Planning what I am going to write about when I write my essay is also very important because this will give direction to my essay. As I said earlier, this will help me get straight to the point and help me avoid going around in circles and talking about the same thing over and over again. I should also think about the approach that I am going to take in writing my essay based on my targeted audience. For example, I cannot use hard words when my readers are grade school students.

I should never forget to do my research when I write my essay. This is crucial because if my essay is an informative one, I will need to make sure that the data I present in my essay is accurate and true. Having false information will not only get me into trouble with my teacher but lessen my credibility in future projects. I will thoroughly go through different sources so that my research is verified and claimed to be true.

Once I have planned what I am going to write and I have done my research, I can make an outline of my essay. I will list down all my topics and subtopics and arrange them so that when I write my essay, it will have a logical flow of thought.

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