I have to do an essay on Copyright in Films, where the hell should I start?

If you would have to do an essay on a copyright in films, you should start based on the angle you want to tackle about it, like ‘Who will own the copyright of a motion picture?” You can start by investigating who will own the copyright of the film, knowing that is may be a collaboration of several people. One general rule that might be interesting for you is that the author of the film will own it. However, this is not something easy to apply in motion films, which are considered the work for several people. They are considered to be collaborated works so it is really hard to define who owns the copyright of the film. And then another issue is that who is the person to have the right to exploit this film in terms of revenue? This is another angle you can discuss in your essay.

And for writing your essay, you will first have to begin with the main idea on the topic you are planning to write about. Once you have decided on which angle to write an essay about, you can start writing upon deciding on the points to discuss. One thing to remember though, you will have to pick the main idea you want to discuss about. From there, research for sources and verify them.

When done, start writing your essay on a copyright in films. Make sure to have an introduction, body and conclusion. Once done, check out if you have missed important details that you want to include and to get rid of the unnecessary details you want to omit. When done, be sure to proofread your essay and edit it before submitting.

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Hope this clears things up for you and that you can come up with an excellent essay on a copyright in films. Again, focus on only one angle and have a specific focus on your essay.

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