I have to write a research article critique. Please help me to write my paper!

Frankly speaking, research article critique writing is my favorite academic writing task, because I really do like to criticize others 🙂 Nevertheless, they say that I am good at it, so I will try to help you write your research article critique.

First of all, when you only approach your assignment, pay attention to who is this article written by. If it the research article is written by a scientist who you don’t really know, then you are to focus on the coherence of the main statement reasons and evidence while writing your research article critique. In case the article is written by your friend or classmate, you may as well pay attention to grammar and give a couple of comments and suggestions.

However, there are some tips for article critique writing applicable for both cases. Personally I always stick to them when writing my research article critique. To begin with, read the paper thoroughly not paying attention to small details, but just trying to make out what it is about. Does it make sense at all? Are all the parts logically connected? ( Note the answers to these questions for your critique)Going further, check the introduction and decide whether it states the problem clearly or only hints at the content of the paper. While critiquing the main body you should note whether the evidences are strong enough and if the examples are illustrated properly. Don’t forget to make notes.

After this, I advise you to check the conclusion of the research article. Note whether you think it draws logical conclusion to all the aforesaid or not. Give some suggestions of your own conclusion, in case you have any. Then read the paper again looking for grammar and spelling errors. In addition, don’t forget to check if all the sources are cited properly or are there some cases of plagiarism in the research article.

Finally, having summarized the results of your analysis, write your critique, laying out the main points consequently. While doing this, make sure that you don’t make any grammar or other kinds of mistakes yourself 🙂