I have to write about personal experience that caused me to discern or refine a value that I hold. Please help me to write my admission essay!

One of the most difficult questions to answer in essay writing is about value and life changing experiences. I believe the reason why, I find these types of question challenging is because I am not just asked to share an experience. I can write my essay about anything. But when the topic is personal and I am asked to tell my story, I feel like I am asked too much.

There is a wide range of topic available in writing my essay about a personal experience that caused me to discern or refine a value that I hold. It can be a person either a famous personality or even a stranger I met or know of, a book I have read, an event in my life, a situation I found myself in, a place I visited, a movie or a play. But my choice will definitely be something or someone that may have made me realize, rethink or re-evaluate my life and belief.

But, to say that I don’t necessarily look forward to write my essay about this personal experience is an understatement. It could be because I am worried my character will be scrutinized and judged. I, myself, often judge others so easily. It is a practice I am not very proud of and certainly working on.

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Among all the personal experiences though, I remember my encounter with a stranger who changed my perception about people who are easily profiled as troublemakers. This stranger behaved so differently than I expected. It was surprising and I was embarrassed judging his character simply by the way he looked. I realized then that every person has an innate goodness. It is just a matter of believing.

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